Saturday, May 4, 2013

Puerto Rican Rice

Future Cooks Taking Over The Kitchen.

By request of my Children:

Starting this recipe blog with a family fave; "Puerto Rican Rice." This rice dish is packed with tons of wonderful flavors and aromas... it's truly a meal within itself.  Enjoy


1 cup -long grain white rice

1 1/2 cups -hot boiling water (or subsitute 1 cup water for chicken broth)  *you will be using 1/2cup liquid from the can of pigeon peas to even it out to two cups of liquid.

Oil about 3 tbls
Goya adobo seasoning to taste
3 big spoonfuls - Recaito (Sofrito)
1 packet -goya sazón (con cilantro y achiote)
2 cubes -chicken bouillon or 2 tsp -chicken bouillon granules (wylers or knorrs)
1 can -Goya pigeon peas (*important; remember to save the juice to add to the liquids. It measures out to ½ cup liquid)
1 or 2 cups -Beef Polish sausage cut 1/2" thick
Cumin powder to taste (optional)
Cilantro for garnish (optional)
You can find these ingredients at most hispanic stores, check your local area for the nearest one.


Preheat skillet on high heat

Add oil reducing heat to a med level

Add the rice to the skillet, stirring occasionally till golden brown. 

After the rice is browned add 1 pk. sazon (achiote.)

Mix the rice till it turns a lovely orange color

Mix in the recaito (sofrito) stir gently throughout until fragrant.   

Add the can of pigeon peas and cut sausage…

Add your hot liquids then seasonings - adobo, cumin, chicken bouillon cube or granules. (*note if you chose to add 1 cup of chicken broth you do not need to add the chicken bouillon it will make your dish too salty.)

Stir all ingrediants then quickly cover the pan securely.
Cook for approximately 10 min on low heat.  (*Set a timer if needed.)

Place in serving bowl, garnish with cilantro.  This dish serves 4-5 people.


Make sure the lid is closed tightly so the rice can cook properly.  Sometimes I use aluminum foil to cover the pan then put the lid over the foil for added pressure.
While rice is cooking do not uncover lid.
After the rice is cooked let it sit for at least 3 mins. before serving. 

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